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At Lifetrack, our vision is that all families in Minnesota are empowered to reach their full potential. We believe that when this happens, our communities benefit – it makes for improved health, happiness and opportunity all around. Many people have networks of support they need through their families, schools, employers, community organizations and friends. But some people have very few of these connections. That’s where Lifetrack steps in – to be a web of support so that families gain tools and build resilience to power through life’s challenges. Together, we change lives. Together, we help put an end to disparities in our community.

Child & Family Services

  • 95% of our preschoolers graduated meeting age-appropriate developmental milestones.
  • 241 parents, children, and caregivers received support to break the cycles of crisis and trauma through therapy, parenting education and connections to resources.

Employment Services

  • 1,133 individuals received job search  assistance
  • 548 individuals started a new job
  • 230 clients successfully completed job skills training
  • 78% of participants stayed in the job they were hired in for at least 12 months
  • 91 families were able to exit public assistance funding due to stable employment saving the State of MN> 1.07 million dollars

Deaf & Hard of Hearing — Family Services

  • 92% of families felt their child's quality of life had improved as a result of participating in the Deaf Mentor Family Program.
  • 919 families with kids who are deaf or hard of hearing were connected to community, resources, role models and language instruction.

Number of Clients Served in 2019

  • Employment Services


  • Child & Family Services


  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing - Family Services


  • Delta Dental
    Delta Dental
  • Collegis Education
    Collegis Education
  • Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo
  • Associated Bank
    Associated Bank
  • American Family Insurance
    American Family Insurance
  • Marbrook Foundation
    Marbrook Foundation
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
    Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
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