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Mayor Carter Visits Lifetrack, Emphasizes Importance of Early Learning Programs for Children in Saint Paul

(March 27, 2019) Mayor Melvin Carter visited Saint Paul based non-profit Lifetrack on Monday to continue his commitment to high quality early learning programs like Lifetrack’s Families Together program. During Mayor Carter’s visit, he took time to read to the preschool students, hand out books and connect with parents.

Lifetrack, located in the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood, focuses its services on families experiencing inequities in education, health, employment and income. They use a multigenerational approach to early learning through the Families Together program, which has a home visiting component and a therapeutic preschool. For the students that are a part of Lifetrack’s Families Together program, it was important to see a role model who is invested in them and their community.

“Positive role models can have a profound effect on young children and their development, especially when those role models come from the very community where children live,” said Beth Quist, Lifetrack’s vice president of programs and services.  “Mayor Carter's visit demonstrates a commitment not only to the neighborhoods our children live in, but to the children themselves. They see the possibilities for themselves. They see that in addition to their families, other adults in their community care about them and their future.”

Lifetrack’s Families Together program focuses on three areas: parent education and support, early childhood education and therapy services. Their mission is to combat the effects of poverty, violence and toxic stress through a therapeutic and intensive relationship-based approach; this is an effort Mayor Carter fully supports.   

“We’ve learned through research and through a lot of experience that children who are cared for by community members, adults, family and teachers can take some of that toxic stress and turn it into the type of tolerable stress that will help them build a successful life. I see these young children as our road to our biggest, highest future for Saint Paul,” added Mayor Carter. “I appreciate the work this organization has done. It has been here for a long time in our community and it gives me hope for our whole community, seeing the work that Lifetrack is doing with these young children.”

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